Join the Allotment Program

The allotment program generates sustainable and consistent funding from individuals working in the government and private sectors in Palau. Until 2010, the program focused on government employees. The program has expanded its focus to include the private sector. Employees participating in the allotment program commit at least $1.00 per pay period (26-27 per year) toward PCS. The fund generated from the allotment program goes straight to PCS Endowment.

Benefits of the Allotment Program

  • Assistance with filing for the year-end tax refund

PCS Membership

If members of the allotment program wish to join the membership program and be eligible to nominate and vote for board members, they must pay the annual membership fee or sign an agreement to allow us to deduct their membership fee from their bi-weekly allotments.

Members have a voice in the organization and enjoy benefits. Palauan citizen members have the right to become and vote for the Board of Directors during the Annual General Membership meeting held every year on June 14. June 14 is PCS’s Anniversary and is the Nation’s “Palau Conservation Day,” mandated in 2005 by then-President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.

Benefits of PCS Membership

  • Right to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors (on-island Palauan citizen members only)
  • Right to stand for election for the Board of Directors (on-island Palauan citizen members only)
  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors (on-island Palauan citizen members only)
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Annual Report
  • Invitation to the Annual General Membership Meeting
  • Chance to win great prizes during Fundraising Events
  • Invitation to special events and outings

Participants of the Allotment Program as of 2016

How to Join the Allotment Program

Most local employees are eligible to join the Allotment Program and can join for as little as $1 per period.
Contact us or check with your company’s Human Resources Officer.

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