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The Palau Conservation Society is the leading conservation organization in Palau. We are dedicated to the protection of Palau’s unique environment, and work to raise community capacity to steward biodiversity and natural resources. We are the only organization in Palau to take a comprehensive ecosystem approach (marine and terrestrial). Below are some of the ways you can support PCS and help to protect Palau’s natural splendors!


Your donation will help to protect Palau’s natural splendors. Donations are tax refundable to the extent allowed under Palauan tax law.

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Become a Member

General Membership is open to the public, both nationally and internationally. There are currently four types of membership, each with their own requirements regarding eligibility and minimum contribution.

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Allotment Program

The allotment program generates sustainable and consistent funding from individuals working in the government and private sectors in Palau. Employees participating in the allotment program commit at least of $1.00 per pay period (26-27 per year) toward PCS. The fund generated from the allotment program goes straight to PCS Endowment.

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Become a Corporate Partner

The CPC initiative targets Palau based companies and asks for a minimum donation of $1,000. To become a CPC member, a business or an individual commit to making an annual donation of a minimum of $1,000 to PCS, giving us the financial support we need to implement long-term projects.

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Guest Match Program

The Guest Match program currently target guests at hotels and tourists operators. As of recently, the only participating resort is Palau Pacific Resort (PPR). PPR placed collection boxes in the hotel and has agreed to match any guest donation to PCS $1 for $1.