Policy and Planning Program

The Policy and Planning Program is one of the most vital programs in PCS. The program works to support state and national planning for sustainable development by integrating Sustainable Land Management approaches into all levels of policy development, planning, and implementation. Because of its rapid development and associated widespread threats, this program prioritizes work on Babeldaob. The P&P program is also focused on reducing the ecological footprint of tourism in Palau. As the  main economic industry, tourism has wide impact across sectors, sites, and boundaries and as such require coordinated and comprehensive plans, as well as economic, social, and legal instruments to ensure that it its benefits are not overshadowed by its impacts. In the next five years the Policy and Planning Program will focus on the following core services:

Program Objectives

  • Champion land and resource use planning in Babeldaob.
  • Advocate for comprehensive legislative and policy frameworks in support of sustainable land use.
  • Assist key partners and resource owners to identify key “Responsible Tourism” strategies and associated regulatory objectives in support of national environment policies.