Policy, Planning, and Practice Program

The Policy, Planning, and Practices (PPP) program facilitates good decision making and planning among cross-sector partners. The Program also invests heavily into improving enabling conditions for good decisions. The program builds organizational capacity so that partners have access to and understanding information, undertake results-based projects, are equipped with tools and partnerships to monitor and evaluate their own actions, understand and are able to implement best practices, and are able to think bigger picture about their impacts and the external forces they face. The Program facilitates dialogues and flow of information so that PCS has accurate details on national policies, and so that PCS can positively impact national policies. This wide breadth of knowledge and networks positions the PPP Program to influence policy coherence and to advocate for stronger climate action.

Program Objectives

  • Support statewide master and land use planning that mainstreams national environmental and sustainable development policies into action
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst key Climate Change stakeholders and decision makers and partner to improve the enabling environment for accessing climate finance and implementing adaptation
  • Actively seek out partnerships and stakeholders to facilitate policy coherence within decision and planning frameworks for climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable land management (SLM/land degradation)
  • Build internal PCS capacity in advocating for harmonious, nature-based solutions and in communicating environmental and economic values