Protected Areas

Ngerderar Conservation Area

Amilekiik State is located in the Southwest portion of Babeldaob. The state covers approximately 37.14 sq km and have five discreet villages: Imul, Ngerkeai, Chelechui, Ngchemiangel, and Medorm. It has three Marine Protected Areas and one Terrestrial Conservations area, a total of four Conservation Areas which are PAN Sites.

  • Medal Ngediuul Conservation Area, Airai CA’s
  • Ngchesechang Mangrove Conservation Area
  • Ngeream Conservation Area
  • Oikull Mangrove Conservation Area
  • Angaur Conservation Area
  • Helen Reef Reserve
  • Ngkesol Barrier Reef MPA
  • Kayangel Territorial Waters
  • Ngeriungs Bird Sanctuary
  • Chermall Forest Preserve
  • Ngerusebek Forest Preserve
  • Rock Islands Southern Lagoon (RISL) Management Area
  • Ngerukuid Islands Wildlife Preserve
  • Ngerumekaol Spawning Area
  • Ngkisaol Sardine Sanctuary
  • Ngederrak Reef
  • Ngerkebesang Conservation Zone
  • Ngemelis Island Complex
  • Long Island Conservation Area