Imul Mangrove Conservation Area

Ameliik has one of the largest mangrove areas in Palau. There is a total of 392 ha of mangrove forests along the coast of Aimeliid. Imul Mangrove is one of these mangrove forest areas. The boundaries of teh area extend for the Northern Side of the Ngerderar River to the Southern side of the Ngetbelebel River. This mangrove forest is home to many species of mangrove tree such as tebechel, meduulokebong, mekekad, kuat, and chelebiob. There are also a number of birds that are commonly seen in this forest which include belchoel, bedaoch, dudek, sechou, melebaob as well as the flying mammal, olik. This site is a NO TAKE area therefore harvesting activities are prohibited. Entry is allowable with permit and/or permission.


855088.99957716 Sq. Meters

Year Established:

Ecosystem Included:

Mostly Marine/Terrestrial:
Mostly Marine

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