Conservation and Protected Areas Program

The CPA Program is PCS’s oldest program, and will continue to focus on sites and species from a wider ecosystem perspective. In the next five years, protected areas will be integrated into ridge-to-reef management schemes, so that upstream and downstream impacts are accounted for and minimized. The Program will continue to support States with PAN Site and protected areas management plans, but with the goal of building internal State capacity. The program will also continue to pursue innovative approaches to conservation that push the boundaries of management possibilities, such as though the PCS Private Lands Initiative. As a BirdLife International Partner, PCS will continue to advocate for birds and biodiversity through enhanced partnerships and ecosystem approaches.

Program Objectives

  • Model two (2) effectively managed Ridge-to-Reef watersheds that incorporate terrestrial and marine ecosystem-wide approaches
  • Promote and assist partners to develop sustainable fisheries policies and practices and build capacity for community-based implementation
  • Support Private Lands Conservation Initiatives
  • Engage and expand partnerships for species protections and threat reductions
  • Support States in protected areas planning and management and build their capacity to plan and implement on their own