Conservation and Protected Areas Program

The Conservation and Protected Areas Program is the oldest program in PCS. The program prioritizes on-the-ground community-based action with respect for scientific principles to protect and manage critical sites and species. Addressing ongoing needs, the Program’s protected area activities are now part of the core services that we offer to communities and state governments. In CPA program, we advocate for and assist with the creation of new protected areas as well as assist communities with management planning and actions to achieve effective conservation of sites and species. Helping states obtain access to sustainable funding resources (such as through PAN) is a key driver. In this program we also address arising issues that affect protected areas, specific sites, or specific species. As a Birdlife International Partner, this program also stewards Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

Program Objectives

  • Lead and coordinate community-based protected areas creation, management planning, and effective conservation at the state/community level.
  • Provide assistance for the implementation of protected area management plans.
  • Advocate for and support cooperative management of cross-boundary sites.
  • Implement management activities for critical species.
  • Implement activities for improved fisheries management.