Communications and Outreach Program

PCS began its work in Palau in communications and outreach, building its foundation with successful and award-winning species-focused awareness campaigns. PCS will utilize this strong capacity, but will move away from single-issue topics to focus on systems thinking and complex, cross-sector issues such as climate change. In this 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, the Communications and Outreach Program (C&O) will conduct outreach to external partners and will assist the CPA and PPP Programs with communications. In tandem with CPA and PPP strategies to improve climate resilience, this program will increase awareness of sustainable living and consumption and carbon footprints, including developing technological tools for estimating and tracking impacts.

The C&O program will stay at the forefront of communications by using a variety of technologies and online platforms. In this plan, strategies associated with public relations–branding and information about PCS as an organization–have been moved to the Administration and Development Program. Crossing both the C&O Program and the Administration and Development Program is a strategy to increase the presence of PCS in communities, including by the Board of Directors, so that PCS’s content and messages are understood and accepted and so that PCS presents a strong, united face in the community.

Program Objectives

  • Continue championing key environmental messages
  • Grow a culture of environmental stewardship
  • Assist key partners in improving environmental education and communications
  • Grow acceptance of sustainable living through responsible consumption and carbon footprints at the individual, community, and sectoral levels
  • Adopt a multi-cultural approach and utilize diverse methods to communicate with diverse populations