Administration and Development Program

The Administration and Development Program supports PCS’s other programs by ensuring that the organization has the internal capacity and external support needed to meet its objectives. As a membership-based organization, members play a critical role in shaping PCS’s goals. While members do pay dues, members are considered partners in achieving the PCS Mission rather than donors. Membership is essential for perpetuating PCS’s conservation ethic.

Administration focuses on governance, human resources, financial management, office and operations management, and regular monitoring and evaluation. Development establishes and maintains financial partnerships, identifies donors and raises funds, builds support for PCS though public relations, supports aligned external communications and branding, and engages members.

Program Objectives


  • Ensure leadership and management is in place and support human relations
  • Ensure good financial management and increase financial resilience of PCS, and maintain office operations and management of assets
  • Initiate and oversee monitoring and evaluation, including communications between staff and the Board of Directors


  • Maintain consistent and positive public relations for the organization
  • Maintain and grow the CPC network
  • Develop new funding streams
  • Maintain and engage Members