Corporate Partners Make Yearly Contributions

In the month of December last year, Palau Conservation Society received yearly contributions and donation from 11 of its Corporate Partners for Conservation. To be a Corporate Partner for Conservation, businesses are required to pledge their support to the conservation of Palau’s rich and unique marine and terrestrial environment. As part of the CPC pledge, businesses agree to support through monetary contribution of a minimum of $1,000 annually. The CPC contributions ensure the continuation of PCS’s many vital conservation projects and activities.

On Dec. 21, Sen. Sandra Pierantozzi hand delivered the contributions of long time partners Suns Flower Shop, SPACO, Belvedere Apartment and MVP Space Rental. Sen. Sandra Pierantozzi is a board member and is one of the founders of PCS. She’s been very active in supporting PCS’s mission to “work with the community to preserve the nation’s unique natural environment and perpetuate its conservation ethic for the economic and social benefit of present and future generations of Palauans and for the enjoyment and education of all.”

On Dec 22, PCS’s Development Officer Ms. Genna Saiske was on hand to receive the contributions of long time partners, NECO Marine & NECO Yamaha. The checks were presented by Ms. Miwa Ogawa and Ms. Kathlyn Mijason on behalf of NECO Marine and NECO Yamaha. The two business entities owned by Mr. Shallum Etpison are long time and active partners of PCS. Mr. Etpison himself is the special advisor for PCS and is one of its main supporters.

On Dec 23, Ms. Genna Saiske was on hand yet again to receive the contribution of two CPC members, Palau Water and Hawaiian Belau Rock. Palau Water is a much recent CPC member of PCS. The business is locally owned and operated by Mr. Laurentino Ulechong and his wife Mrs. Maria Ulechong. The water purifying company took the CPC pledge in 2015. The contribution received by Ms. Saiske from Mrs. Ulechong signified Palau Water’s 2nd year partnership with PCS and its commitment to supporting PCS’s mission in conserving and protecting our marine and terrestrial environment. During the drought season last year when tap water was scarce and unsanitary, Palau Water provided purified drinking water for the residents of Koror. PCS appreciates having Palau Water onboard its CPC program and is looking forward to having their continuous support in its mission.

Hawaiian Belau Rock is a long time CPC member of PCS. It is one of the largest producers of aggregate based construction materials in Micronesia. The company has been involved in the completion of many major infrastructure projects in Palau. Hawaiian Belau Rock’s GM Mr. Mark Vereen has always been willing to support PCS activities whenever invited to. When Hawaiian Belau Rock pledged to become a CPC member, they committed to supporting PCS’s mission in protecting and conserving Palau’s marine and terrestrial environment. In exchange for their line of work, Hawaiian Belau Rock’s support in conservation work is a splendid way to fulfill their corporate social responsibility in palau. PCS recognizes HBR’s support for conservation and looks forward to their continuous support.

On Dec. 28, PCS received contribution from CPC member Rock Island Café. RIC is also a newly member of the CPC program and is owned by high chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons. PCS greatly appreciates the support of the local business and is proud to know that high chief Ibedul acknowledges the important work PCS is doing therefore is willing to contribute to its cause. The check received last year signified a 3rd year partnership with PCS and their commitment to supporting conservation work. The check was presented by Ms. Arlyn Bernardino, Ms. Jullee Cabusora, Ms. Elsa Paulino, Ms. Monica Paulino and Ms. Belen Pipit on behalf of RIC to PCS’s development officer Ms. Genna Saiske.

On Dec 29, PCS Accountant Ms. Susan Toribiong was on hand to receive CPC contribution from Rock Island Tour Company. RITC is also a newly established CPC member. Their CPC contribution received last year signified their 3rd year of partnership and their commitment to supporting PCS and its mission. Despite a low record of visitors last year, RITC managed to renew their CPC membership. PCS appreciates the commitment of RITC and looks forward to their continued support.

On Dec 30, Development Officer Ms. Genna Saiske was on hand to receive a donation from IMPAC Tours. IMPAC is a neighbor and long time CPC partner of PCS. IMPAC Tour experienced an impact from the low arrival of visitors to Palau last year; therefore, couldn’t provide the minimum monetary amount required for CPC membership. PCS however, still appreciates and is humbled by IMPAC Tours donation despite of this fact.

PCS continues to raise vital conservation dollars to support programs that require discretionary funding to continue.  Such contributions ensure that PCS continues to be at the forefront of conservation work, not only in Palau and the Pacific Region but throughout the World.  As well, this type of support including that of members’ allotment programs provide the much needed money toward ensuring and supporting vital conservation projects that guarantee Palau’s healthy environment.

PCS encourages any company wishing to become CPC members or members of the community interested in pledging their support to PCS’ conservation efforts to contact Ms. Lolita Gibbons-Decherong, INTERIM Executive Director at 488-3993/4716, or via email at