What We Do

PCS is well poised to take advantage of opportunities to improve conservation in Palau. Traditional and elected leaders at the state level often turn to PCS first when they have environmental concerns or requests. PCS’s current and planned projects rest on this strong foundation of trust. PCS possesses attributes and characteristics which give it a unique position and role within Palauan society, including:

  1. PCS is focused on conserving Palau’s natural heritage for the communities that use those resources at the national level and is the only conservation organization of its kind;
  2. PCS takes a full ecosystem approach, working in both land and marine ecosystems;
  3. PCS Board Members include representatives from a wide range of private sector and industries in Palau, from the Senate and state government, as well as individuals from various private sector companies and conservation organizations; and,
  4. PCS is staffed by a dedicated team of trained professionals who understand their mission and assignment and are committed to delivering value to all relevant stakeholders.

Providing Excellent Value for your Dollar

The Palau Conservation Society provides value in the following three areas:

Palauan Society

Assisting the Government and Communities of Palau to ensure preservation of Palau’s Natural Heritage, PCS:

  • Focuses on long-term conservation goals and programs for six of the national conservation targets based on an assessment of PCS’s ability to affect positive change. It will work to protect and enhance these conservation targets, often leveraging its internal capacity and resources by partnering with other organizations in Palau and abroad.
  • Creates jobs for and builds capacity of the Palauan society. PCS currently employs 12 permanent full time employees, all of whom are Palauan, and one contract employee. Over the years, many PCS employees have gone on to positions of leadership in Palau, including individuals such a Ilebrang Olkeriil who is now the Development Coordinator for PICRIC and Umiich Sengebau, who is the Minister for the Ministry of Natural Resources,Environment & Tourism for the National Government.
  • Facilitates linkages between communities and other partners. PCS communicates community interests and needs to national, regional, and global partners, and brings tools and opportunities and to communities.

Partner Organizations and Institutions

Providing partner organizations and institutions with service and support to achieve their objectives, PCS:

    • Has support from and partnerships with government and other organizations. PCS leverages its internal capacity and resources by partnering with government, nonprofits, and for-profits to best work towards realization of its mission.
    • Was the first Small Island Partner in the Pacific to reach full Partnership Status in the BirdLife International federation of nongovernmental organizations. PCS’s stability and ability to impact positive conservation benefits across the Pacific helps it meet the criteria of this global organization. PCS leverages support from BirdLife International to meet national and global biodiversity objectives.

Conservation Donors and Investors

Providing foreign conservation donors and investors with an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of Palau and protection of its national heritage, PCS:

      • Engages in a range of programs that appeal to conservation donors and investors. PCS takes a full ecosystem approaches which allows them to attract and act on donor interest on a wide range of issues.
      • Has a consistent track record with assisting communities in conservation efforts. PCS has provided assistance for and developed the capacity of communities across Palau. Traditional and elected leaders at the state level often turn to PCS first when they have environmental concerns or requests.
      • PCS serves as the face of the community. PCS is a community- and membership-based organization. We reflect the needs and concerns of Palau’s communities.