A Team of Dedicated and Skilled People

The Executive Director inspires and motivates the staff. He/She oversees all staff activities and also works closely with the Board to guide the organization into a brighter future. Program managers manage their respective programs and work with their staff to implement projects. The staff of the Administration and Development Program work together to fund raise for PCS and act as support staff for the other programs. Staff are dedicated to their own programs, however, PCS works as a family with staff in some ways participating in all programs.

Executive Director

Executive Director

Executive Director

Administration and Development

Nicole Dilngerii Maech

Financial Officer

Godinez Ngiltii

Transportation and Equipment Officer

Emengel I. Singich

Administration and Development Intern

Conservation and Protected Areas Program

Lolita Gibbons-Decherong

Program Manager

John Techitong

Conservation Coordinator

Policy and Planning Program

Umai Basilius

Program Manager

Zina Ringang

Program Coordinator

Communication and Outreach Program

Heather Ketebengang

Program Manager