PCS was formed in 1994, the same year that Palau became independent. In the face of mounting development pressure, a group of 10 visionary leaders established the Palau Conservation Society to ensure sustainable growth. Starting with species-based educational programs, PCS has expanded to address issues from local concerns to global changes. PCS celebrates its anniversary every year on June 14, the annual “Palau Conservation Day.”

Mission and Vision


Palau Conservation Society partners with communities to preserve the nation’s unique environment, sustainable use natural resources, and perpetuate our conservation ethic for the economic and social resilience of Palau.

After more than a decade, Palau Conservation Society updates its Mission Statement

This reflects changing global and local needs and opportunities and to express the unique niche that PCS fills in Palau. In changing its Mission, PCS recognizes the aligned needs to preserve and sustainably use natural resources. The new Mission also recognizes that the world is a source of constant change, and that a healthy Palau must be resilient and able to adapt. As it has been since its inception, PCS is committed to partnering with communities.


Healthy Ecosystems for a Healthy Palau“.

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Programs and Strategies

PCS works at different spatial perspectives. At the local level, we work with communities to establish and manage protected areas and protect Palau’s unique assemblage of species. Capacity building of community members to implement management actions on their own is a key strategy. At the national and state levels, we work to ensure that environmentally-friendly policies are in place. At the national and regional levels, we work to build awareness of Palau’s environment and ecosystem connections.