The Premier Conservation Organization in Palau

The Palau Conservation Society (PCS) is the leading conservation organization in Palau. We are dedicated to the protection of Palau’s unique environment, and work to raise community capacity to steward biodiversity and natural resources. We are the only organization in Palau to take a comprehensive ecosystem approach (marine and terrestrial). We are a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization in Palau.

PCS is guided by a Board of Directors, who are elected by our Membership. Dedicated staff carry out activities on the ground. We are based in Palau’s largest city of Koror, but our work takes us to every corner of Palau.

History, Mission, and Vision

PCS was formed in 1994, the same year that Palau became independent. In the face of mounting development pressure, a group of 10 visionary leaders established the Palau Conservation Society to ensure sustainable growth.

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What We Do

Learn about the unique role we play in conservation in Palau. PCS’s current and planned projects rest on this strong foundation of trust. PCS possesses attributes and characteristics which give it a unique position and role within Palauan society.

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Directors and Founders

PCS Board Members include representatives from a wide range of private sector and industries in Palau, from the National Congress and State governments, as well as individuals from various private sector companies and conservation organizations.

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PCS Staff

Our staff includes experts from scientific and cultural fields. An Executive Director inspires and oversees all staff activities. Staff are dedicated to each department, however, PCS functions as a family, with staff participating in some way in all programs.

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PCS relies on partnerships with local, national, regional, and global partners. PCS is a Full Partner in the BirdLife International Partnership, a global partnership of conservation organizations that aims to conserve birds and their global biodiversity.

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Community Support

Our mission is to work with the community to preserve the nation’s unique natural environment and perpetuate its conservation ethic for the economic and social benefit of present and future generations of Palauans and for the enjoyment and education of all.

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