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Support the Palau Conservation Society

Your donation enables PCS to work with communities to conserve Palau’s spectacular natural environment for today and future generations.

Donate by mail or in person

Donations by check or cash are always welcome. Your gift is an investment in Palau’s future.

NEW! Donate online

Now you can donate securely online using Paypal. Your gift will help PCS protect critical species, keep water clean, or give people a better future.

US Taxpayers

PCS is a registered non-profit in the Republic of Palau and follows all Palauan tax laws. Learn more about making donations under US 501(c)3 tax laws.

COMING SOON! Purchase merchandise online

PCS books, t-shirts, and other merchandise show you care about Palau’s environment. They make great gifts too! Soon you will be able to find a selection of our merchandise online. Until then, stop by our office or call for more information on PCS merchandise.

Become a member

Members support the organization financially and have a stake in decision-making.

Become a Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC)

Corporate Partners for Conservation invest in Palau’s environment through steady support.

Attend a fundraiser

PCS fundraising events are fun community events. Attend a fundraiser, support PCS, and have fun too!

Join the Allotment Program

Many local employees are eligible to participate in the PCS allotment program, which enables easy donations every pay period.

Donate through a Partner Hotel or Tourism Operator

Donate through one of our Hotel and Tourism Initiative Partners, and your contribution is increased through a Partner match.


The majority of PCS funding is from grants to accomplish specific objectives. We enjoy developing grant proposals that meet joint objectives.

How PCS uses grants and donations

Your money goes exactly where it is needed – to work with communities to conserve Palau’s critical species and unique environment.

We value our supporters

Learn more about our donors, granting agencies, members, and other supporters.

Why donate?

Palau has a spectacular environment, unique biodiversity, and caring and committed communities.

As Palau’s premier environmental organization, PCS has done more than any other organization to protect Palau’s environment. We work hard to make sure that Palau’s environment is conserved for today and the future. We partner closely with communities to build capacity and make sure that conservation lasts into perpetuity.

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