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PCS works to ensure that development is done sustainably and meets our community’s needs.

Encouraging Smart Development and Sustainable Use of Resources

As a developing country, Palau faces challenges to balancing its needs for growth with maintaining its natural and cultural heritage. Nature-based tourism and fisheries are Palau’s most profitable industries. Although both industries rely on a pristine environment, both can easily include overuse of resources. The Palau Conservation Society works with our communities, State governments, National governments, and regional partners to ensure the development and growth are done sustainably, so as to meet the needs of present and future generations.

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Palau has an ingrained conservation ethic, based on the concept of sustainable use. Traditional “bul” or moratoriums have been enforced by Palau’s traditional leaders for centuries. This cultural ethic is the framework for more modern conventions such as land use planning.

Palau highlighted its commitment to sustainable development the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Read the statement delivered by Minister Harry Fritz during the High Level Segment.

PCS Advocates and Supports Land Use Planning

PCS supported and coordinated a comprehensive assessment of Palau’s northern reefs, providing information for planning.

PCS advocates for comprehensive land use planning, master planning, and natural resource use planning, in addition to protected areas management planning. PCS also provides technical expertise to states to undertake land use planning. In addition, PCS coordinates a partnership of scientific organizations (through the Ecosystem-based Management or EBM Initiative), and communicates results and recommendations from technical studies to policy makers. Learn more about the EBM project.

To enable planning, PCS also works with state and national government to draft and pass supportive policies and legislation.

Learn more about PCS’s Policy and Planning Program and our activities to build a comprehensive Land Use Planning and Legislative framework for Palau.