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Palau’s waters are a Shark Sanctuary.

Recognizing All Creatures, Large and Small

Palauans have great respect for all creatures, both large and small. Marine and terrestrial species feature prominently in language, legends, and stories. Palau has taken proactive steps to protect individual species. All of Palau’s waters are a Shark Sanctuary and a Marine Mammal Sanctuary. There are a number of national laws to protect species, including complete protection for dugongs and birds and regulations on takings of sea turtle, fish, invertebrate, and plant species.

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Several of Palau’s species are still threatened by local and global challenges. Invasive species directly threaten native and endemic species. Overhunting and overharvesting continue to deplete key species.

Saving Our Species

There are possibly over 10,000 insects in Palau.Juvenile Micronesian Megapode.

PCS has a long history of working to save species. From our inception, PCS has raised awareness about individual endangered, endemic, and culturally important language. Learn more about our previous activities.

PCS continues to focus on education and awareness of targeted audiences and the general public. Most recently, PCS implemented a PRIDE campaign to raise awareness about giant clam species (Tridacna species). Currently, PCS is participating in a multi-agency campaign to reduce illegal hunting pressures on dugongs. PCS also conducts regular outreach on birds. Download some of our educational materials focused on species.

Learn more about PCS’s Communications, Education, and Outreach Program and our projects to raise awareness about Palau’s key species.

PCS is working with international partners to eradicate rodents from the Important Bird Area of Kayangel atoll, with the purpose of improving the conservation status of the IUCN-listed Endangered Micronesian Megapode (Megapodius laperouse).

Learn more about the Kayangel eradication project.