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The Governor of Ngaremlengui signs legislation establishing the Ngeremeskang Nature Reserve.

Blended Traditional and Modern Systems of Government

Good governance is the key to biodiversity and resource protection in Palau. Palau has an ingrained conservation ethic that is central to Palauan culture, and so Palau’s leaders have always played a key role in the conservation of the environment. Palau has a unique system of governance, with intertwined traditional and elected policy makers operating at the local, state, national, and international levels. Methods of protection range from the traditional and local, starting with “bul” or moratorium, which have been imposed by Chiefs to prevent scarcity, to the modern and global, such as through ground-breaking legislation recognizing international conventions.

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In today’s rapidly changing world, policy makers need access to accurate, fair, and comprehensive information in order to make sound decisions. Additionally, in an ever more interconnected world, policy makers have a growing recognition of the need to establish partnerships at all levels, including at the policy levels.

PCS Fosters Good Governance through Partnerships and Information

PCS’s philosophy is to provide accurate and balanced information, in addition to recommendations that recognize biodiversity and community needs, to our policy makers. This philosophy is woven into all of our activities. PCS also coordinates an Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Initiative, and communicates scientific findings from local research to decision makers.

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PCS employs both targeted and general education and outreach techniques. By doing so, we target specific audiences to ensure that information is used efficiently, and we target the public, to create the foundation for good governance. Our weekly environmental news programs in print, radio, and television ensure that information is communicated to a wide variety of audiences.

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PCS also coordinates the Belau Watershed Alliance (BWA), a partnership of state governments that work together on cross-boundary issues related to natural resources. Formed out of concern for water, the BWA also enables policy makers from individual states to have a forum to communicate and learn about natural resource issues that know no borders.

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