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Fish are a staple of the Palauan diet. © PCS.

Building Self Reliance through Food Security

The Palauan way of life is one that relies on the natural bounty of our land and sea. Our traditional conservation ethic has enabled us to live in a balance with our natural resources, but in today’s quickly modernizing world, this balance has been shifted.

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Taro, a staple in the Palauan diet, © PCS.

Palau is facing realities that it never experienced before. Global threats, such as sea level rise have threatened farms with saltwater and caused entire reefs to die. On the local front, globalization has introduced Palau to new ideas and people, but it has also brought in practices that are not in balance with our delicate ecosystem. Destructive fishing practices and overharvesting of trees and terrestrial resources have led to declines in key food species. Land-based practices, such as unplanned development, contribute sediment to reefs and reduce food availability.

PCS Supports Our Communities as They Plan for Sustainability

PCS works with national and local communities to develop policies and practices that ensure food security.

At the local level, PCS helps communities identify, protect, and manage key producing areas, such as Spawning and Aggregation Sites (SPAGs) for critical marine species. PCS also helps communities build resilience into their protected area networks by including areas that are resistant to the effects of climate change.

Learn more about PCS’s Conservation and Protected Area Program and our projects that build food security into protected areas.

PCS also conducts educational campaigns geared at encouraging sustainable harvesting. Learn more.

At the national level, PCS works to develop policies and regulations that encourage beneficial practices, such as establishment of buffer zones and sediment control measures. PCS provides technical advice to partners on legislative matters, such as whether and when to open harvesting seasons for critical species. PCS has also taken the lead in Palau in advocating for and providing technical assistance for Land Use Planning.

Learn more about PCS’s Policy and Planning Program and our activities to build a comprehensive Land Use Planning and Legislative framework that supports food security.