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A mother smiles during her first-born ceremony, which uses endemic herbs.

Preservation of Nature and Culture: One and the Same

Cultural traditions and practices are alive and well in Palau, and form the basis for relationships between people and their environment. Traditional practices rely on the use of Palau’s unique natural resources. Customary events place high value on individual species, and Palau’s legends and stories weave a web of culture that connects people to nature. Conservation of natural resources thus leads to the preservation of culture.

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Protection of Species and Cultural Traditions

PCS conducts educational and awareness programs that highlight the role that Palau’s biodiversity and species play in cultural traditions. Learn more.

PCS is also working with communities to develop management plans for protected areas. Regulations in management plans often include allowances for customary use and traditional practices. Learn more.

PCS also works with state governments to develop land use plans, with an eye for long-term sustainable use of resources in a culturally appropriate way. Learn more.