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Multicolored species on Palau’s diverse coral reefs.

Unique Biodiversity Found Nowhere Else on Earth

Palau is one of the jewels of the Pacific because of its high rate of biodiversity. Palau is located in a globally important coral diversity hotspot. Palau’s biodiversity extends out of the sea onto the land as well. Because Palau’s geologic history extends for millions of years, and because as an island it is so isolated, Palau has many endemic species. Palau’s biodiversity, or assemblage of species, interact with Palau’s diverse geological landforms as part of healthy, functioning ecosystems.

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Golden jellyfish in Palau's famous Jellyfish Lake. © Kevin Davidson

Levels of endemism are much higher than expected, based on the size and location of the islands. Extremely rare in the world, Palau has an endemic marine creature, the Palau Nautilus. On land, nearly one fifth of our plants are endemic, and twelve species of birds are found here and nowhere else. Each island is a hotspot unto itself, with endemism from the tiniest creatures such as a miniscule land snail to those that soar above our heads, like the Flying Fox. Our Marine Lakes, pristine in quality and worthy of World Heritage status, shelter multiple millions of pulsating endemic golden jellyfish that have lost their sting.

Palau Flycatcher

A shark glides through Palau's Shark Sanctuary. © Peter Collins

Our fauna include some of the most enigmatic species on earth. Endangered sea turtles return year after year to lay their precious eggs on Palau’s pristine beaches. Marine mammals of all sizes and sorts frolic in Palau’s waters, including the most isolated population of the gentle dugong. Threatened saltwater crocodiles sun themselves on the exposed rocks of our Rock Islands. The endangered Micronesian Megapode, under threat all over Micronesia, finds refuge in our northernmost atoll of Kayangel. Colorful birds of all sorts sing their melodic tunes as they flit through our healthy forests and grasslands. Palau was the world’s first shark sanctuary, protecting all species across our vast sea.

PCS Advocates for the Protection of Our Biodiversity

PCS is Palau’s premier environmental organization. Since our inception in 1994, the same year Palau became independent, we have worked tirelessly to protect our fragile and unique biodiversity.

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Much of our work is focused on the effective conservation and protection of protected areas. We advocate for the establishment of Marine protected areas and Terrestrial conservation areas throughout Palau. We also assist our communities to write realistic and achievable management plans.

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We also assist communities reduce threats and increase the viability of our species, through such projects as rodent eradications. Learn more.

We inspire current and next generation of Palauans to protect Palau’s biodiversity through our highly effective and award-winning education programs. Learn more.

We also advocate for our local communities and support national and regional partners by advocating strong positions at international meetings such as the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).