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Policy and Planning Program

The Policy and Planning Program seeks to improve state and national planning for sustainable development by integrating scientific information and ecosystem-based approaches into all levels of policy development and planning. To achieve this, this Program facilitates partnerships that link good science with good decision-making. The Program’s guiding core value is a belief in sustainability. We believe that when their use is planned well, natural resources can be used by humans in perpetuity. In this program, we work with state governments to develop land and resource use plans and with state and national governments to develop policies. We also facilitate partnerships.

Land Use Planning

PCS is one of Palau’s strongest advocates for Land Use and Resource Use Planning. This is because resources fall inside and outside the borders of conservation areas, and so do the impacts of land and resource use. Ensuring that resources continue to thrive and remain available for communities to use requires an integrated and comprehensive approach to planning. PCS is working to build capacity in Palau to conduct land and resource use planning, and in the meantime, facilitates planning meetings and helps states access technical support.

Conservation Action Planning

Conservation Action Planning (CAP), first implemented in Palau by The Nature Conservancy, is a broad approach that engages communities in planning for their state. During a CAP, often held at the state level, communities identify priority conservation targets and threats, and make their first efforts at developing conservation strategies. PCS uses the results of CAPs to implement more specific protected areas management planning or broader land use planning. PCS helps coordinate CAPs and provides technical advice during the CAP meetings.

Legislation and Policies

PCS’s Policy and Planning program provides assistance to state and national governments as they draft natural resource legislation and policies. PCS helps governments write laws and provides information to go into drafting laws. PCS also advocates for the development, passage, and implementation of sustainable use laws and policies. PCS is also regularly asked by states and the National Congress to comment on proposed laws.

Belau Watershed Alliance

PCS is the host of the Belau Watershed Alliance (BWA), a grassroots organization of state government and technical partners. The BWA (formerly Babeldoab Watershed Alliance) was formed by states in Babeldaob that were concerned about water quality in cross-border watersheds.

National Partnerships

PCS facilitates and helps coordinate a number of formal national partnerships, including the Ecosystem-based Management Project participants and the Palau Conservation Consortium. In addition, PCS helps develop partnerships between communities, technical agencies, and governments.

Ecosystem-based Management Initiative

PCS hosted and coordinated a multi-year, multi-partner Ecosystem-based Management Initiative (EBM). Projects included research, policy development based on scientific findings, and outreach. The EBM Initiative helped strengthen partnerships between technical agencies. Palau’s EBM Initiative was one of several EBM initiatives funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

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