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Local fishermen still rely on traditional fishing methods.

Protected Areas

There are over 40 protected areas in Palau. Protected areas span the full range of management types – with some fully protected (no-entry, no-take) to others that are managed for sustainable harvest and use. All but one of Palau’s protected areas are protected by State legislation; the Fanna Important Bird Area is protected by traditional decree. Many of the protected areas protected by state legislation are also protected by traditional decree.

Signboard along Compact Road for Ngereskang Bird Sanctuary.

PCS has had a long history of working with states and communities to establish protected areas. Between 1999 and 2011, PCS worked directly with communities to establish 10 Conservation Areas (the Ngeruangel, Ebiil, Ngermasech, Ngelukes, Ngemai, and Ongiil Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the Medal‐a‐Iechad (Taki Waterfall) Conservation Area, Ngeremeskang Nature Reserve, Ngeremeskang Bird Sanctuary, and Mesekelat Conservation Areas). PCS also provided assistance with the establishment of another 15 conservation areas. We are most proud, however, that our efforts inspired the creation of additional conservation areas to which we did not directly contribute.

We assist states to establish protected areas by:

  • Identifying areas important to biodiversity or rich in natural resources
  • Advocating for the protection of critical areas
  • Facilitating partner involvement
  • Providing information to communities and decision makers about critical areas and the resources they contain
  • Assisting with drafting of resolutions or legislation to establish protected areas and their restrictions
  • Coordinating or conducting baseline surveys
  • Coordinating or conducting boundary surveys
  • Assisting with delineation and demarcation
  • Assisting with GIS mapping with partners
  • Assisting with community meetings and public hearings
  • Publicizing protected areas

Our resources page includes links to Fact Sheets about many of Palau’s protected areas. You may also download a list of protected areas.