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Young Palauan girls in front of Airai dock.

Communications and Outreach Program

The Communications and Outreach Program supports all of PCS’s goals, objectives, and programs. PCS has continually prioritized effective communication of environmental information to raise awareness about Palau’s environment and biodiversity. PCS’s philosophy is that when communities are provided with sound information in a manner they can use, positive policy development and behavior change will follow. We also believe in providing Palau’s youth with a solid environmental foundation, so that they can grow into caring adults committed to conservation.

Public Outreach and Environmental Awareness

PCS has a long and strong history in raising general public awareness about environmental issues. PCS’s outreach programs use multiple media in order to reach varied audiences, and are on a variety of topics. PCS also assists technical partners and state governments with outreach and education.

Species-based Education and Campaigns

PCS has initiated or participated in numerous species-based campaigns to raise awareness and change behavior towards endangered or important species. Species-based campaigns often target youth, but also use a variety of innovative approaches to target adults as well.

Ridge to Reef Road Show (Watershed Education)

PCS placed its home base for watershed education in the fifth grade, where it offers a comprehensive Ridge to Reef Road Show. The Ridge to Reef Road Show raises awareness about ecosystems and habitat connectivity, and places particular emphasis on the importance of watersheds to water and biodiversity. PCS also conducts adult outreach on watersheds.

Environmental Outreach and Schools

PCS’s Ridge to Reef Road Show is now institutionalized into the fifth grade curriculum. PCS is working to assist Palau’s Ministry of Education with expanding environmental education at other grade levels. PCS also provides environmental information to teachers and schoolchildren regularly.

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