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The PCS Logo

The Palau Conservation Society logo is a Biib, or Palau Fruit Dove. The biib is one of Palau’s most loved endemic birds. Palauan legend has it that the biib was once a beautiful, heartbroken young girl, who calls forlornly to the clam, her mother. You can hear the sad “cooing” of the shy dove when you enter Palau’s forests.

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Palau has a traditional conservation ethic: Omengereomel, which means “to use wisely.” The Society’s name, Palau Conservation Society, was born of this ethic, befitting a group that believes in both protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of resources. One of the first activities of PCS was a national election to select a National Bird. The Biib was elected as the National Bird by students, and was subsequently selected as the PCS logo.