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Sunrise over Babeldaob, Palau. © PCS.

An Integrated, Coherent and Comprehensive Approach

PCS is the premier environmental organization in Palau, working towards the effective conservation of our biodiversity and natural resources through partnerships and capacity building.

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Our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

PCS is a nongovernmental organization working in Palau. With nearly two decades of activities, PCS is the premier environmental organization in Palau and the only one taking a full ecosystem approach to conservation at the community level. Our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan builds on PCS’s history but focuses on new challenges.

PCS’s mission highlights our commitment to the environment and to Palauan communities. Our Core Values and Operating Principles show our strong respect for the Palauan culture and science. We are community-based organization that implements conservation activities through partnerships.

Palau has national frameworks that support community-based conservation, such as the Palau Protected Areas Network. However, there are threats from habitat loss, land degradation and overharvesting. PCS’s strategies focus on these priority threats but capitalize on opportunities.

Our conservation targets of coral reef ecosystems, forested ecosystems, mangroves, and seagrass. Priority geographic areas are Babeldaob and the Northern Reefs.

Conservation and Protected Areas Program

Operating at the site and community level, this program focuses on management planning for protected areas and on-the-ground conservation activities.

Policy and Planning

Operating at the state and national level, this program focuses on the use of good scientific information in land use and master planning.

Communications and Outreach

Operating at the national and international level, this program provides information about conservation and PCS to various audiences.

Administration and Development

Operating at the organizational level, this program maintains financial reporting, governance procedures and PCS’s membership.

Each program has developed prioritized strategies, high level actions, measurable objectives, indicators, and means of verification.

PCS has developed a business plan that complements this strategic plan.